Jan 15 by Troy

Hiring a professional tree service to completely remove your trees will save you money in the long run. We are professionals that remove trees for a living. We are not only fast and efficient workers but have all of the proper tools and equipment to handle the job safely. TDR tree service can quickly get into your yard and business property and remove any tree quickly and efficiently. No matter if you need your trees pruned or have your damaged trees removed, we have you covered. Serving Tulsa, Jenks and the surrounding area.

Severing the root system close to the root ball will effectively kill the tree. That is the reason you need to hire a professional.

Removing a tree is a lot more than having an axe and chainsaw and cutting the trunk of the tree until it falls. There are potential hazards along the way that you may have overlooked. Some trees simply cannot be dropped where they stand. There are many instances where they have to be taken down by a person in a bucket truck or cherry picker. More often than not, we have to cut down trees piece by piece and limb by limb. That is the only way to do it properly and safely.

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