Jan 11 by Troy

Firewood, an abundant natural resource that provides affordable, low cost heat. Harvested by our ancestors for hundreds of years, many people have grown to appreciate the warmth and beauty of a natural fire. Recently the price of natural gas, propane and fuel oil have been very unpredictable. Global unrest, stock market fluctuations and natural disasters all influence what we pay to heat our home.

Believe it or not firewood may be your answer to ever increasing fuel bills!

One thing that remains constant year in and year out is the price of wood. Usually, wood can be purchased for the same price every year, eliminating the stress and possibilities of skyrocketing fuel prices. Several years ago as a new homeowner, my wife and I researched many heating alternatives. We made it through our first winter in our new home and realized the cost of propane was just too much for us to afford. So we decided to look into an alternative heat source for our home. Now, many years later we enjoy a warm comfortable home during the coldest winter months and can rest easily knowing it's costing us basically nothing. Affordable heating is a phone call away!

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