Jan 18 by Troy
Maintain a level of warm comfort in your home or business by contacting or calling us at (918)313-1455 in Jenks, Oklahoma for firewood services.

TDR Tree Service is the place to call for a high-quality selection of firewood. In addition to premium firewood, you receive fair prices and excellent service. Save on your heating bill with affordable firewood! TDR Tree Service delivers firewood and wood products all over the state of Oklahoma.

Cut and Split Firewood
Save yourself the time and effort of collecting your own firewood by relying on us for all of your firewood needs. We carry premium pecan and oak firewood that keep the flames going - cut, split and ready for delivery.

Bundled Wood
Don't need a full cord of firewood? TDR Tree Service offers wholesale and retail firewood bundles for sale. We offer premium cut, split, and bundled wood for easy transport. Delivery is provided with wholesale purchases.

Firewood Stacking
Many of our customers prefer to save themselves the backache involved with stacking their cut, split and delivered firewood. TDR Tree Service is happy to stack your firewood upon delivery.

Call TDR today to schedule a delivery!